New Look- Couch Re-upholstery

I would love to change the look and feel of my house at least every 3 years….from couches to curtains and other accessories. But this comes with a hefty price tag.

However, this does not mean that all has to remain the same! There are different things you can do to create a new look and feel to any room or space without breaking the bank.

After we moved houses, i felt that my couch needed a new look. I liked to refer to the couch as “sunburnt” since the colour of the fabric was faded in some areas. This couch and I go way back! I got it from a thrift store near where i lived for cheap! It was in good condition save for being a little sunburnt and some wobbly legs, which were fixed.

Looking sun burnt

Looking sun burnt

I did not want to deviate so much from its original colour so i chose fabric in the same colour family of red only bolder. I got a beautiful reddish-maroonish velvety fabric from TACC Store. I am sure the colour has a name, feel free to let me know what its called. Odhis, my carpenter, had already taken measurements and told me the quantity required. He picked the couch on a Thursday afternoon and brought it back on Sunday.

This was the first major project  in the living room especially since i wanted all other decorating in the living room to be in sync with the couch. Decorating a room, in my experience, can be done in different ways. You may choose to start with one big item and then let the smaller items fall into place after this. Alternatively, you could start with a small item such as an accessory and then base your whole look and feel on this as you move along. I prefer starting with the big and then letting the smaller details follow. What has your experience been?

New look

New look

He also added padding, replaced the cushions and the legs of the couch to smoother ones that won’t damage the floor.

The total cost for this project was Ksh30,000.

What have you re-upholstered recently?

Keep it DIY!!

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