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There is nothing that changes the look of a space like colour! It can transform a space from darb to glam in a minute without breaking the bank!

My latest paint job was at the dining room area in our new abode. I encountered several challenges in this paint job. Challenges i have never before experienced. First, i was using Dura Coat brand of paint which i have never used before (Maybe  I should have called the Marangi Team). The brush i was using broke just as i was starting out, i decided i could try using a roller brush but that only complicated matters as i ended up with two different shades of colour.

After 3 days i completed the job. Tell me why you think?

The before look

The before look

My working tools for the day

My working tools for the day

I got 2 litters of Dura Coat’s Tri Clover (Viynl Silk) at a cost of Ksh1,200, the brush Ksh350 and the labour cost was love!

Beginnings of another paint job until.....

Beginnings of another paint job until…..

Until the brush and wooden section decided to part ways

Until the brush and wooden section decided to part ways

The nails on the brush became loose and it separated from the wooden section. I had to get the little nails and put the two sections together. But before that i had tried to use a roller brush and the shades on the wall looked completely different. I had to stick to one tool and that was the brush.

And finally!

And voila!

Another angle

Another angle

I was happy with the final result. I also managed to get some accessories from Nakumatt Select- the green mats at the bottom and the salt and pepper holder on the console. The painting i got from Zanzibar, the console from Ngong Road and the candle guys from masaai market.

What do you think?

Keep it DIY!

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