Of hotels and beautiful decor-The Royal Livingstone

I was recently in Livingstone, Zambia. A lovely, one-street town that experiences desert like temperatures but contrastingly also hosts one of the wonders of the world; Victoria Falls or as the locals refers to it, Mosi-oa-Tunya, the smoke that thunders. Over 90million litres of water go down the falls per minute!

It is a magnificent sight and sound!

As the tourist town of Zambia, Livingstone is dotted with hotels and lodges for all pockets and tastes. Hotels are known for going all out on interior decor to create ambiance of luxury, beauty, serenity you name it. All this for their guests enjoyment.

I was blown away by The Royal Livingstone   . The hotel is built in Spanish Hacienda style characterised by burnt orange walls, beautifully placed accessories and use of succulent plants found in deserts.

See its for your self. I started from the inside out. Images courtesy of me!


Yes even the toilet needs to look nice and ambient! The light above the cistern made a world of difference in this little room that is often forgotten


Ambient lighting makes a world of difference! Don’t you just love the coloured sink bowls? Notice also the three mirrors above the sink and the wrought iron borders. Creativity!


This was outside the washrooms

This beautiful beads were outside the washrooms. This would make a beautiful and inexpensive room divider.


One of the outdoor seating areas. The lamps and bright stools bring a Moroccan theme to the space


More outdoor seating space carrying the Moroccan theme with the bright cushions


Desert like weather conditions call for succulents. The beautifully arranged pots create a nice entry way. Notice the orange building in the background.


Isn’t that inviting? Notice the attention to balance through plants, curtains, mirror and accessories


Balance and colour. The single cactus in a large pot looks interesting. This was another entryway to washrooms.


This wall would otherwise have been boring but it has been peppered with beaded dolls and a seating bench at the bottom


Beautiful!! This is the entryway to the conference rooms. Everything balances out, the colours and accessories. And yes the carpets are plush! Notice also the curtains that could be closed off to create a ‘room’


Nice display of artefacts on the consoles along the conference rooms entryway. The mirror reflects the light from the opposite side and brightens the space.


The curtains bring in of softness. The curtains can be closed off to create a space with different feel for events such as a cocktail.

Hope you enjoyed the beauty as much as i did!! The decorating principles adopted here can easily be replicate din your home. Give it a try.


Keep it DIY!

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