Bedroom 2 reveal!

Hello DIYers!!

Its been a minute!! Work and school kind of got in the way. All the same i managed to complete a pending project started in January.

Bedroom 2 paint job remember that one? Yeah well i finally completed what i had in mind…for now. As a DIYer, i never say I’m done. Finished. No. I say, well for now i like it like this….i could get inspiration and turn the whole place again.

So, for now, i am happy with having cleared all the junk. Gave away most of it. Trying to live the uncluttered life….its a project all on its own!!

Within that project was another mini project. I re-purposed the shelving so it can serve more than one purpose. Both as a storage space and as a bedside table.

I used an old storage carton to create a shelve.IMG_4747



The top shelve is in use in the dining area under the console




Used some left over wrapping paper


Final ‘shelving’


With some accessories and ta da! my guests will have a bed side table and i shall not need to add any more furniture in the room

That was the project. Now to the room. The yellow paint gives a cosy look and feel to the room. The reading table, a lot of knowledge has been gained here, the red lamp is from Mr. Price Home and the blue organiser from House of Leather. Of course my many shoes need extra storage.

Here is the final look.


And finally the room


Another angle

Any projects you have to share?

Keep it DIY!

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