Bottles up!

My name is Hazel and i am glass bottle hoarder!!  It’s so good to admit it! Anytime i see glass bottles, especially those with fancy shapes or odd sized, my mind goes into a frenzy of the different ways i can use it to decorate a space!

That is what happened when i saw this 5lt bottle of whiskey…

The bottle. its large and heavy...

The bottle, Large and heavy

After some soaking, cleaning and scrubbing it was good to use. My tools for the day were plastic rope and gold spray paint.

Tools of trade. Bottle, plastic rope, gold spray paint

Tools of trade. Bottle, plastic rope, gold spray paint and some old newspaper to protect the tiles from getting painted.

Tying the bottle with the rope

Tying the bottle with the rope

Tying the bottle with rope was the most tricky part! It was slippery and not getting  as tight as i wanted it to be. It was quite a struggle.  The trick with this project is that you want the rope on tight to keep the spray off.

All sprayed out

All sprayed out

It is important for spraying to be done outside where there is good air circulation otherwise you could start choking or getting dizzy if you do it indoors. Be warned!

After spraying leave it outside to dry for about an hour.



Well my end product wasnt exactly what i envisioned…i wanted the clear lines sharper. Because i used plastic rope which wasn’t quite tight, the lines were rather blurry. If i was to redo this, and i shall, i would use tape instead. Lesson learnt!

Final step place some dried flowers in it and pop it in any place you like!

Dried flowers

Dried flowers

Mine went into the little room

Mine went into the little room

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this before? Outcome?

Keep it DIY!!

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