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Have you guys watched that show called Buried Alive on TLC? or Hoarders? If not catch some episodes on the link.

Today’s post is reflective. Why is it the bedrooms or hotel rooms we come across in magazines or on the net look so inviting? Why don’t our bedrooms or even houses look like those? Well of course they have hired professional designers and photographers to make the rooms and images look that good. However, there is a common thread in all these beautiful images; no-clutter.

As we carry on with our lives, we acquire ‘things’ such as furniture, kitchen stuff, other household stuff, books and magazines, music (this applies to a particular generation), clothes and shoes, souvenirs, art you name it! In the end all this stuff becomes excess baggage to the house and even to the mind.

That drawer where you throw things...organise it today

That drawer where you throw things…organise it today

All these items are indeed a reflection of who we are, what our experiences have been and at times they can even express our aspirations. However, as we progress with our acquisition many of us rarely take time to get rid of stuff we do not need. We end up piling and hoarding things we already forgot about, hardly use and don’t even need.

I recently came across an article that made me realize just how much junk I have, actually this realization also hits whenever I’m moving house. The article titled 25 things to throw out today hits the nail on the head! Top on the list to get rid of is clothes and shoes, if you haven’t worn it in over a year, if you’re hoping to lose weight so you can fit back into it…throw it out!

Plastics in the form of bowls, cups, plates, spoons, bottles. You don’t need that many! Out!         Magazines and old books…linens you haven’t used in years its began to smell, old cards, make up, spices, expired drugs (this is actually dangerous), old underwear all need to go!

Clean out your wardrobe with those clothes, shoes, bags and others that you haven not worn in over a year

Clean out your wardrobe with those clothes, shoes, bags and others that you haven not worn in over a year

Same way it took time to acquire the stuff, it will also take you some time to get rid of it. So give your self a timeline for when all needs to be cleared and work on it room by room. You also need to determine what you want to do with what you are getting rid of, remember one mans junk is another mans treasure. Some things can be sold; there is OLX and various car boot sales in organized around the city. Some can be given away to charity, identify one and spread some love during the Christmas period. Others just need to be thrown out such as the plastics. Determining what to do with the stuff is VERY important otherwise, the things make their way back to the house!!

And the decluttering also applies to your desk in the office! In this day and age where almost everything is electric, try to have a paperless desk. Its definitely better to work on!

Don't you feel motivated to work already? Clean out that desk!

Don’t you feel motivated to work already? Clean out that desk!

I try and declutter every year towards Christmas so i can give away stuff to charity. See a past post on   de-cluttering.

I guarantee you that getting rid of stuff is a great and liberating feeling!

Have you recently tried to declutter? What was the process like?

Keep it DIY!

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