Upcycled white tee

Hello DIYers!

Has a company ever given you such a nice t-shirt or shirt yet you are wary of wearing company brands in your off-work time but you cannot bring yourself to giving it away and so the thing has been in your closet for ages? Can you relate?

Relax, i have a solution for you!

I got this very good quality and well fitting white tee but catch me dead wearing a company logo when not required to by work…well unless i am chilling in the house  or working out. It has been in my closet over a year!

The branded white tee

The branded white tee

There was this shirt the hubby got and never wears, so decided to use that one to up-cycle my branded white tee.

The shirt

The shirt

Its very busy, this shirt, it has a pocket which i used in this project. See the pocket outline below.

I outlined the pocket

can you see the outlined the pocket?

Point to note: Before you take out the pocket, be sure to take measurements of the brand you wish to cover and the pocket or fabric you would like to use. Sounds obvious….but should you forget this step…you are back to square one!

I used a seam reaper to get the pocket neatly out. At this point i need to warn you that the up-cycling project involves sewing.

pocket ready for a new home. The little yellow thing is a seam reaper

Pocket ready for a new home. The little yellow thing is a seam reaper

First pin the pocket to the area you wish to cover. Using a needle and thread, stitch the pocket on to the area. I used small running stitches and white thread.

New top!

New top!

And viola! New, good quality top right there!!

Have you up-cycled any of your clothes? or anything else really?  I’d love to hear from you!

Keep it DIY!

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