My Christmas wish list

Hello DIYers!

The year is almost coming to a close! Is it just me or does time seem to fly by? I remember when I was a child and I would really yearn for December to arrive and it often took so long! But now, just as you are recovering from the last Christmas its here again!!

That not withstanding, I am very grateful for the year that has been. And now that Christmas is around the corner I do have a wish list for Santa.


Dear Santa,

I have been a really good girl this year. I would like to have few things that will make my DIY projects that much easier to undertake…

I would really love to have a:

tool boxTool Box

staple gun

Staple Gun

nail gun

Nail Gun

paint brush

Good quality paint brush



I promise to frequently use them in the coming year to tackle more complex projects.

Yours truly,

DIY Nyumbani


What is on your wish list this Christmas?

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