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Hi DIYers!! It is been a long minute since I posted. Plenty has been taking place but I still did some projects whenever I was able to…a few projects coming up.

Today I want to do something different, that I have borrowed from other blogs including This is Ess. As the year comes to a close, I would like to take stock of the year that has been. 2016 has been a year of crazy happenings across the globe and even here in Kenya. 2016 brought me the gift of a baby girl in October (hope this explains my being MIA). Pregnancy and birth and taking care of a newborn have taken over my life and it is quite the journey.

So here goes my first taking stock.

Learning– To be patient. Growing a human being for 10 months (yes 10, whoever said pregnancy lasts 9 months was giving the bare minimum) and the toll it takes on the body requires patience. Taking care of a newborn is another kettle of fish.

Wishing– for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep

Eating– balanced diet and lots of fluids… Being a milk producer is no joke. Is this how cows feel?

Trying– to exercise whenever I can. I am determined not to get a new work wardrobe…

Reading – Little Contented Baby by Gina Ford. Trying to understand the art of getting baby into a routine. Of course baby will do what baby wants…and mummy gets impatient then I remember to be patient.

Watching – More than normal TV for me! Ordinarily I prefer to read and listen to music. But with feeding a little human who likes to stay awake, I am on that Modern Family, The Crown, Billion, Designated Survivor, Documentaries, animations and others.

Enjoying– the cool, rainy weather! Makes it so worth it to be at home!!

Listening- to white noise for babies to sleep though I am the one that ends up nodding off only to wake up and find baby wide awake!! I am also loving the sound of Simi and Alicia Keys’ new music.

Loving– my baby girl to the moon and back! Being a mom is as challenging as it is rewarding. Also I love the uji that my mum brings me every week….

Wearing– Breastfeeding friendly clothes, which for me are lots of lose fitting tops and vests! You really have to think of what to wear and how easy it will be to breastfeed especially in public! And the public includes your house when guests come calling….

Hoping – for a fabulous 2017!

Happy New month!

Keep it DIY!!

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