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Hello DIYers

Craft has been described as a skill using the hand. I like to think it also involves the mind. While I was away from the blog, I was busy growing my craft. Mostly growing my mind and knowledge of the interior decor world in Kenya and beyond.

I went through a three-month course at Elle Interiors guided by the amazing Daphine and Jan Okonji. It was a boot camp guys, it starts slow but picks up pretty fast and becomes tougher as you come to the end. Blood, sweat, time and tears. The result is glorious! You leave a different person, knowledge and skilled.

Part of the course required that we develop an interior design concept for a hotel. We were provided with a proper brief including the budget we were to work with. Four weeks is all the time you have to develop designs and render, budget and develop project plan. Blood, sweat, time and tears!!

Here is a glimpse of what I did using Archicad.

collage- Amara Hotel

Hotel room views

R Bathroom collage- Amara Hotel (1)

Bathroom views

Keep it DIY!

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