Minimalism; My journey, Part 1

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I believe anyone who watches the Minimalism Documentary  is amazed by how materialism has become the new normal. On how we have accepted material stuff to take over what is or should be important in our lives. Basically, we are constantly acquiring stuff and not because we need it. I first watched Minimalism on Netflix in July 2017 and it blew me away! I have since watched it several more times and every time I pick up a new lesson.

I decided to take on minimalism in August 2017, which is my birth month and which I consider my new year. Minimalism, in my view (I have also come to learn that it means different things to different people), is living a wholesome life with less material possessions. The reason I took it on was because; one the documentary made so much sense; two, I needed to ensure the most important things to me are given priority; and three, I knew I had acquired so many things over the years that were not adding value.

I opted to start with my clothes, shoes and handbags. I had occupied a ridiculous amount of closet space and rooms in the house. Armed with several trash bags and music, I dug in. Now, if you have tried to do this before, you know this is where things get murky. Conflicting emotions check in, the hope to lose weight back to a size 10, it was a gift… To go around this, I asked myself three questions each time I felt conflicted- have I worn this in the last one year?, Do I like how it looks on me now? What value will it add to me by keeping it?

It took me two days, over two weekends to go through them all. The result? I was now able to fit all my clothes in one closet, they all were clothes I liked and looked good in. Shoes and bags faced the same fate. I had a ton of stuff to get rid off. This I did by asking my house help to pick what will fit her family, I gave what was left to a charity shop at Adams Arcade called The Love Shack. They sell second hand clothes and the money raised supports a children’s home in Kawangware.

The feeling after this whole exercise was the most fulfilling!! I felt lighter and happier. It was easier to pick outfits, I no longer had those moments of I have nothing to wear while my closet is crammed with clothes!

Sustaining the leaner wardrobe has to be an active decision. I don’t just buy things because they are on offer, because it is oh so cute! No. I will make a purchase when I realize that I do need it and it will play a role in my day-to-day life. I have saved tons of money and time, walking away from deals and shops. And now, I can put that money to things that matter in my life!

Minimalism is not a destination, it is a conscious journey that is unique to every one who picks it up. See we are all different, what is important to me may not be important to you. For me that is the main point of departure on this journey.

Stay tuned for more on minimalism.

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