Home office meets spare bedroom

Armed with a tub of paint and a roller, I set to revamp the dull disorganized room. It was a spare bedroom which the occasional guest slept in. I needed a place I could hide from everyone to write  on DIY Nyumbani, read and chill out.  As a mother to a toddler, escaping is necessary for sanity’s sake.  I was ready to transform the spare room to my escape.

That room though was a dumping site for clutter. Clutter is delayed decisions. Clutter is things you do not need but are still hanging on to with a variety of reasons-mostly flimsy.

It took a whole month to do this project. I worked on it after the household slept and before they woke up. Two days to paint. And four weeks to shop and accessorize, with the rug, lamp shade baskets on the wall, picture frames, paint the cans and select and print quotes for the gallery.


The office side of the room. The grey is calming. The pops of colour exciting.

Has anyone taught me how to paint?Nope. I use the same principles used when doing nail polish. Make sure the surface is clean and even, use masking tape to ensure straight lines at the edges. You can use a base coat or not. Put at least two coats of paint on. Viola.  But I can only live in this state of ignorance for so long. I will definitely enrol for painting classes at Classic Moulding class and Crown Paints, to up my game.

Shopping for accessories is time consuming. I only had weekends to dash to markets and shops and  I cannot just walk in and out. I consider it disrespectful.  I must see everything and collect contacts for future projects, so yes, that takes time.


Different angle. Home office meets spare bedroom.

It’s definitely not complete yet. I still need pillows and cushions on the bed, so I can chill and read there.

I am happy with how it turned out, plus I am happy that I didn’t break the bank nor my back to update the room.

Keep it DIY!!


The products used are from:

Paint- Jotun Paints

Baskets – Masai Market, High Court Parking

Rug-  WhiteLinen, Makueni Road, Kileleshwa

Picture frames- As set of 3- Game Store, Garden City

Purple hanging flower pot- House of Leather

Black Painting- Gifted

Furniture- Acquired those over the years


  1. This is great, I want to embark on a similar project but beginning is so hard. I think I have enough confidence to begin now. Again, great job.

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