The Scarlet Revamp

Soft white walls are safe. Safe is good but oh so uninteresting. What if we all played safe all the time? What fun would life be then?

The walls in our entire house are soft white. They tend to just chill in the background; which is a good thing as they present a blank canvas to play with. Many interior designers like white walls because it is an opportunity to stamp style and personality.

I have made an effort to ruffle the calm soft whiteness while stamping my personality in some rooms like the gray in the home office or the colourful murals in the baby’s room. Still, I left the soft white in those rooms to give the rooms some balance and lightness.

For a long time, I wanted to create a bold wall in the living room. One that you take notice of immediately you walk in. And the colour that kept coming to mind was red. If red were a person, they would be bold and warm, they would stand out in that sultry type of way and attract your attention in a crowded room.

And so red it was. I settled for the Bologna Shade from the Jotun Colour Collection. I went colour me crazy on two walls that made up my dining space.

Living room colour palette. My seats are green, my curtains have a mix of olive green, beige and red. That’s how i settled for the palette.

Painting is a good workout, only you work out the one hand and shoulder you use. Lucky you if you are ambidextrous. My right side got a proper work out over the two days I did two coats on the walls.  I seriously contemplated getting a second roller for the left hand so I could balance the workout and hopefully also finish faster.

After the paint work, it was time to dress the walls and move some furniture around. True to my aesthetic, I got me some woven accessories from Masaai Market.

Here is the final look.


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