Welcome to my little corner of the world.

A little about me, my name is Hazel K. King’ori. I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I am a mom of one little girl and wife to one husband 🙂 My professional background is in communications and public relations which I have done for the last 12 years.

Interior design is in my DNA. From a young age, I constantly cleaned, organized, and re-arranged furniture in my mothers house, much to her joy (who doesn’t like a clean house) and annoyance (when she couldn’t find stuff since its been moved around)! When at University I took a short course on soft furnishings from SOS Village. I got to learn how to sew curtains, make mats, duvets and cushions and of course the colour wheel principles for coordination. 

I started my interior design company (Simple Interiors) in 2005. Most of my work then was revamping houses for friends and family; mainly reupholstering couches, painting and making curtains and cushions using my mum’s sewing machine (which is as old as I am, and I still have it).

I started DIY Nyumbani blog in July 2014 simply to share projects I had done and beautiful spaces I visited.

DIY Nyumbani is a space where I hope to inspire you to create spaces you love. It does not matter that it is a bedsitter, a rented house, your own home, or office.

You see, we spend so much time indoors and having a welcoming space that reflects your personality and functions well for you, makes a big difference.

I look forward to meeting you on this DIY journey.